16 August 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Orgelkids organ is now for sale!


Because of the global interest in our beautiful project, Orgelkids, we have researched ways to further develop the project. The objective is and remains to acquaint children with the organ. To this end, the organ of Orgelkids has been an excellent didactic tool. In the Netherlands and Belgium we rent the organ for sessions to teachers and organists, providing an educational project in schools or youth groups. But for countries elsewhere in the world this was not a satisfactory solution. Therefore, there is news!

Buy an organ or just the design plans?

There are now two new solutions for anyone or any organization that is interested in an Orgelkids organ kit outside the Netherlands and Belgium.

1. There is a great offer by Johan Zoutendijk, general manager of Verschueren Orgelbouw. His company will produce four organs, identical to the organ that Wim Janssen designed for Orgelkids. These first four organs can be purchased for and amount of € 5000, – per unit (not including tax and shipping). There has been much interest, so move quickly to take advantage of this unique offer. More information about buying the Orgelkids organ kit.

2. In addition, design plans will be developed based on Wim Janssen‘s design, so that others can build the organ kit themselves or with a local organ builder. These design plans (supplemented with detailed pictures) we will offer for about € 50, -. Moreover, buyers of the plans will receive a certificate about the origin of the drawings and an official Orgelkids nameplate to attach to the organ. The revenue from the sales of the plans will go entirely to the Orgelkids project.

Of course, renting the Orgelkids organ kit for a session of longer is still an opportunity! We hope that organizations whose purpose is to promote the organ will adopt this program in their region.

We hope these three options ensure that as many children as possible can get acquainted with the beautiful instrument.