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ECHO asks for proposals ‘Children and organmusic’

11 July 2018

ECHO stands for European Cities of Historical Organs. In 2019, for the second time they will award a prize for the best, most beautiful, interesting performance to let children get in touch with organ music. Below you will find the call for proposals. At the end of this page you can download all the information […]


BREAKING NEWS: Orgelkids organ is now for sale!

16 August 2016

Because of the global interest in our beautiful project, Orgelkids, we have researched ways to further develop the project. The objective is and remains to acquaint children with the organ. To this end, the organ of Orgelkids has been an excellent didactic tool. In the Netherlands and Belgium we rent the organ for sessions to […]


Children in Wilrijk (B) receiving the second organ

16 December 2015

The second Orgelkids organ has now been transferred to the association “The Organ in Flanders”. That’s why we signed an official agreement. More importantly, the children received the organ in their classroom. On Friday, May 29th, 2015 the new organ came to the children of class 3C of The Ark in Wilrijk. They eagerly built […]


Have a look inside the organ

16 December 2015

When you are standing in front of a large pipe organ, you can only see the front row of the pipes, called the façade or prospect pipes. But there are many more pipes inside! Do you want to have a look? These three 360° views take you there! Use your mouse or the arrows to turn […]


Playing the organ, getting started

17 May 2015

This 7 years old girl takes lessons in a church in Germany. She shows us how to start playing on her instrument. First open the keyboard. Starting the engine (ensures that air is blown into the organ) Choosing the stops. Start playing!