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Orgelkids is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2019! A good reason for a party, yes? But what is a party without music? That is why we have organized the Orgelkids Composition contest. The goal is to collect and publish a collection of music suitable for the Orgelkids Do-organ (organ kit).

Because the Do-organ has a limited keyboard its repertoire is limited. Appropriate arrangements of classic pieces are therefore needed. Fortunately, a few first composers have already risen to the challenge to compose new pieces specifically for the Do-organ: Bart Wuilmus wrote a special theme for Orgelkids. Fredrik Hagstedt (Sweden) and Carson Cooman (USA) have also been inspired to contribute their skills to the Orgelkids cause and compose for the Orgelkids instrument, making their compositions available online.

Now, on the occasion of their 10-year anniversary, Orgelkids is excited to host a composition contest. There is a need for special compositions that fit on this organ of two octaves. Lydia Vroegindeweij, the founder of Orgelkids, requests, “Nice simple pieces for beginning players are very welcome, but also edits of well-known classics. For example, we hope for a famous piece of J.S. Bach with a nice twist. Or an adaptation of a modern top hit or a children song. And because the Do-organ can also be used in combination with other instruments, a small ensemble piece is also a wish for performances after building the organ.” The international jury is a collaboration between the various Orgelkids projects in the world: each country produces a juror. The jury chairman is Wim van der Ros, who coordinates the Orgelkids project at the Brabant Organ Federation.

The instrument

The Do-organ has a keyboard with 2 octaves: c’d’-c ”’ (without cis’). Pitch a ‘= 440 Hz. The organ has two stops of wooden pipes: open (4 ‘) and covered (8’). The organ is winded by hand-operated bellows.

Three categories

You are invited to submit compositions in the following three categories:

  1. Do-organ solo: simple works suitable for beginning players;
  2. Do-organ as an ensemble instrument (e.g. in duet with large organ or ensemble with other instruments);
  3. Classics on the Do-organ: adaptations of existing well-known melodies or (classical) compositions suitable for the Do-organ, with special emphasis for (organ) music by J.S. Bach, given his unique role in organ repertoire and also to support participation in the international Bach in the Subways project, making Bach’s music heard in unexpected places. Modern classics are possible too: well-known children’s songs, or pop music.

Rules for participation

The following rules apply to this competition:

  • Composers from all countries may participate in the competition.
  • There is no age limit.
  • The duration of the work is at least 1 minute (to be mentioned in the score).
  • All works in category A and B must be new and original. Arrangements or arrangements of existing compositions can only compete in category C.
  • The composition must be able to be performed on the Orgelkids Do-organ (see instrument features above).
  • Submitted works must meet the following conditions until the end of the submission deadline for the competition (May 15, 2019):
    • not previously issued;
    • NOT have been performed publicly or broadcast via (social) media;
    • NOT received a prize or a mention at a national or international composition competition.

How can you submit your composition?

The jury will judge the compositions without knowing the composer. Therefore, the following procedure applies:

  • Give your work a title.
  • Send your score as a PDF and send this registration form to info@orgelkids.nl, no later than 15 May 2019, 11:59 pm (UTC+2, CEST).
  • Name your PDF file a non-identifying*, self-selected code name. State the same code name on the entry form. (*Avoid using your initials in the file name.)
  • Send a short curriculum vitae and a recent photo as separate attachments.
  • Nowhere in the score may there be any information that could identify the composer.
  • For a work for ensemble, also send the parts for the different instruments separately. Only mention the title of the work.


The international professional jury has been formed by cooperation with the various Orgelkids projects in the world: each country provides a juror. The jury chairman is Wim van der Ros, who coordinates the Orgelkids project at the Brabant Organ Federation. Our thanks to our panel of international jurors:

  • Wim van der Ros (chair) – Netherlands
  • Bart Wuilmus – Belgium
  • TBD – Canada
  • Annegret Schönbeck – Germany
  • Fredrik Hagstedt – Sweden
  • Chwen-Huei Tsai – Taiwan
  • Damin Spritzer – USA


We look for compositions in the three categories described above. A 1st Place prize of € 500 will be awarded for each category (A, B or C). In addition our friends at Orgelkids USA will be awarding 2nd Place ($400) and 3rd Place ($300) prizes in each of the three categories, made possible with a generous gift from the Roger L. Danielson Soli Deo Gloria Fund. The winning compositions will, if possible, be performed during a special concert during the Organ Inspiration Day on 4 July 2019 in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Moreover, the winning compositions are published in the music supplement (on paper or online) of the Dutch magazine De Orgelvriend. (The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes if the intended level is not reached.)


From all works of sufficient quality (at the discretion of the jury) 25 works will be compiled in an online publication to be made available for users of the Do-organ. If your work is included in this publication, you will receive an amount of € 100, – once. The 25 selected entries will be published on the website of Orgelkids.nl and the international Orgelkids projects. Of course, this is done with the attribution under Creative Commons license CC / BY (Provided the source is mentioned, it is permissible to copy and / or distribute this publication in whole or in part without prior permission of the publisher and to make derivative material based on this publication.)


The goal is to make more music available for the global network of Do-organs, expanding its repertoire. With your participation, you give Orgelkids (part of Dutch non-profit Stichting Kerkmuziek Netwerk) a license to distribute the work free of rights for the benefit of the project without restrictions in place and time.
The work of the prize-winning composers is given the following: “Laureate International Composition Contest Orgelkids 2019”.
By entering the competition you agree to these rules.


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