The Orgelkids project has received a lot of international attention. We are happy and proud! Increasingly, we get the question “Can I buy an organ kit?” Only two organs exist, and they are only loaned out to organists and organ teachers who want to provide an educational project. Thereby we reach children in the Netherlands and Belgium and part of Germany. So we had to find a better answer. And … now we have one! There will now be build four additional organs for a very attractive price. Do you want to order for one, please let us know.

About the design

DSC00577The organ kit design is by Wim Janssen, a retired organ builder who worked for many years with organ builder Verschueren. He designed the organ so well that children can assemble it without much instruction. Both of the existing organs are completely handcrafted by him with beautiful materials that you find in a large pipe organ: such as oak wood for the frame and the pipes, and sheep leather for the bellows. The so-called “voicing” and tuning of the pipes is a specialty of this builder. Wim Janssen has ensured that each pipe produces the right tone, so you can actually play a melody. Please note that the sound of the pipes sound a bit higher than those of another instrument. The slightly shorter pipes make the overall kit a little lighter and that’s nice for transportation.

Production of a small series: four organs under construction!

We are very pleased that, in consultation with Johan Zoutendijk, director of Verschueren Orgelbouw, we now have an answer to the question, “Is the organ kit for sale?” Preparations are made so that the organ is now produced in a small series of four organs. These numbered organs are available for a very special price of € 5,000 per piece (normally € 6,600). This price does not include taxes and transportation costs.

How can you order?

Orgelkids identifies who is interested in one of these four organs.

  • Do you have this interest for purchasing one of these organs, sign up as soon as possible by e-mail or using the form below.
  • Applications are registered in the order received and passed on to Verschueren Orgelbouw.
  • Through Orgelkids you get a complete offer of Verschueren Orgelbouw.
  • For further questions and making appointments you have direct contact with Verschueren Orgelbouw.
  • The definitive purchase agreement also goes directly with Verschueren Orgelbouw.