In 2015 Orgelkids received a letter from Peter, a 7 years old organist from Oregon, USA. He saw the movie of Orgelkids on internet and made up his mind: this is what the organ in USA needs. This is the best way to introduce the organ to children and adults of course.

To work out this plan Peter asked Orgelkids for the schematics for building a kit. Together with his mother Erin, he applied for a grant from the Centennial Millennium Fund of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) to bring Orgelkids to the USA. Of course we answered his question. It’s so nice that the idea of how to bring the pipe organ to children could grow and reach a wider audience.

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The results are great! The grant of AGO is the first part of the funds they need to introduce Orgelkids in the USA. But they need some more to buy two complete Orgelkids kits. You can help them, visit the website: And of course there is a  Facebookpagina.