Everybody can have fun with organs. Are you young or old, your age doesn’t matter. Even if you (still) can not play the organ is a very interesting instrument. To listen, to see and … to build one! The Orgelkids organ kit has been in many places in recent years. And visited a lot of different builders of all ages.


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The Orgelkids organ kit is very suitable for kids in primary school. Especially kids from 7 – 12 years old are changelled to explore how it works by building an organ. This project is designed for education and music projects for children.

In secundary schools the project fits in the curriculum of science and technical education. And of course in music lessons.

For art-students in conservatories (sure not only organ) it is creatively challenging to discover this instrument and the way it sounds and works to make music.

Workshop OrgelparkWorkshop Orgelpark

Also adults are very surprised to discover how an organ works. Sometimes they listened to the organ in church during their whole life, never knowing about the way it produces the sound. Making them curious and giving them the joy is extremely helpfull when you want them to be ambassadors for the organ. Or when you need their financial support for restoration of a historical organ.

ValkenswaardUtrecht Orgelland

During open air music festivals and other cultural fairs is the Orgelkids organ kit the best way to present the organ to a large audience.

Cultuurmarkt2 Cultuurmarkt