Before you can assemble the organ, you first have to construct the framework. the framework has two side frames and six staves to connect them. All other parts (keys, windchest, bellow) will be placed in this framework.

What do you need?

Leskist5 kleinLeskist DSC00533 (1) klein
  • 2 side frames
  • 6 staves
  • box containing 12+1 wooden pins (1 is a spare).

How to proceed?

Leskist3 klein
  • Lay the first side frame flat on the table.
  • Find the Roman numerals on the frames and the staves (I=1, II=2, III=3, IV=4, etc.)
Leskist DSC00513 (1) klein
  • Insert the 6 staves in the corresponding holes.
  • Verify that the Roman numerals match.
Leskist4 klein
  • Lay the second side frame on top.
  • Again, verify the Roman numerals.
  • Press the staves simultaneously into the holes on the side frame.
Leskist DSC00514 (1) klein
  • Check that the staves are pressed far enough into the holes.
  • Insert the wooden pegs into their holes to lock the parts together. (The pins should not be pressed in so tightly that they can’t be easily removed.)
  • Turn the framework right side up.
  • You have now assembled the framework for the organ.

You can download this instruction sheet as PDF.