Pack the box

Packing the crate is best done in the following manner.
IMPORTANT! Confirm first, with help of the checklist in the folder, that all parts are here.

2014-02-27 12.23.57
  • Rubber mat on the bottom.
2014-02-27 12.24.27
  • Put the pump bellows against the right-hand side.
2014-02-27 12.27.55
  • Fill the space with pipes that will fit here.
  • Try to make them as close together, parallel and flat as possible. This will later form the base for the wind storage bellow.
2014-02-27 12.28.30
  • Place the windbox on top of the pump bellows, also against the right-hand side.
  • Ensure that the wind box is flat on the base in order to protect the hooks.
2014-02-27 12.35.47
  • Put the wind storage bellow on the left.
  • Place the PVC tubes in the space in front of the pump bellows.
  • Fill the remaining space with the rest of the pipes.
 2014-02-27 12.36.19
  • Fill the space along the long side of the box with the keys.
 2014-02-27 12.37.04
  • Place the blue protection strips on the framework slats that have pins.
  • Put the framework staves along the long side of the box.
 2014-02-27 12.37.43
  • Place the two side frames on top of the box contents.
 2014-02-27 12.37.56
  • Add the folder with the documentation.
  • Pop on the lid and you’re done!

You can also download this instruction sheet as a PDF.