The bellows

In order to supply the organ with a steady source of air, it needs an air storage chest. This is called the storage bellow.

What do you need?

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  • the storage bellow
  • the two tubes:
    A. between the storage bellow and the wind box,
    B. between the storage bellow and the pump bellows
  • the pump bellows

How to proceed

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  • Place the storage bellow in the bottom of the framework.
  • Note that the storage bellow fits neatly between the pins on the front side of the organ.
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  • The round hole of the storage bellow goes to the back of the organ.
  • Insert the short end of tube B into the bottom of the storage bellow.
  • Place tube B so as to connect the back holes in the storage bellow and the wind box.
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  • To finish place the pump bellows behind the organ.
  • Attach the pump bellows to the tube under the organ.
DSC00978 uitsnede
  • Tip: put the back legs of the framwork and the pump bellows on top of the black rubber mat. That keeps the pump bellows in the proper position while they are being pumped.
  • You have now finished assembling the wind/air supply for the organ.

You can also download this instruction sheet as PDF.