The keys

The keys need to be mounted, each in their own place within the framework. If they are in the proper order, they will fit exactly. You have to sort them first. Two lines will help you. When the two lines on all the keys are aligned, the sequence is correct. After this step you can place them in the framework.

What do you need?

Leskist DSC00476 (1) kleinLeskist DSC00465 (1) klein
  • 24 keys
  • slat
  • block with 24 hooks (tracker wires), 2 locking pins, screw driver

How to proceed?

Leskist DSC00472 (1) klein
  • Gather the loose keys.
  • Lay them all down in the same way: the blacks and the browns with the same side down.
Leskist DSC00470 (1) klein
  • Place the keys in the correct order.
  • Start with the key on which the two lines meet.
  • When the two lines on all the keys are aligned, the sequence is correct.
  • Now the keys need to be placed in their correct order into the framework.
  • The back end of the key needs to go on the slat near the notch in the frame.
  • The pin on slat needs to go through the hole in the key.
  • The front end of each key must fit between the pins on the slat of the front frame (the one with the cushion strip)
  • Place all the keys, in sequence, on the framework in this manner.
  • When all the keys are in the organ, secure them with a slat.
  • Insert the slat in the notch of the side frame.
  • Note that the Roman numerals match i order to place the slat correctly.
Leskist DSC00462 (1) klein
  • Take the two locking pins from the block. (The hooks will be used soon in the next step).
  • Insert the locking pins diagonally in the holes in the slat.
  • You have now placed the keys in the framework.

You can also download this instruction sheet as a PDF.