The wind chest

To direct the wind (air) to the right pipes, the keys have to be connected to the vents (holes) in the wind box (chest). That’s how you can send wind to the right pipe by pressing a key when you are playing.

What do you need?

Leskist DSC00435 (1) kleinLeskist DSC00465 (1) klein
  • the framework with the keys in their places.
  • the wind box
  • block with 24 hooks, 2 locking pins (already used in previous step) and screw driver.

How to proceed?

  • Place the wind box in the framework above the keys.
  • The open side must face the front side of the organ. The round hole must face the rear of the organ.
Leskist DSC00439 (1) klein
  • You will now connect the eyes on the bottom of the windbox with the keys.
  • The 24 hooks are used to make this connection.
  • Be careful: this is a precise job.
  • Hang the wire with its eye going over the hook on the bottom of the windbox.
  • Lift the front end of the key just a bit.
  • Hang the hooked end on the eye of the key.
  • Do the same for all the keys.
  • You have now connected all the keys to the wind box.

You can also download this instruction sheet as a PDF.