A project about organs needs attractive and educational materials for the children and the organist or teacher who is presenting it. Here you find more interesting and useful assets.

Poster and ‘placemat’

The complete proces of building the Orgelkids Action organ is a real challenge for children. They like to tell what they discovered to their parents and friends. In that case a poster A3-format or a ‘placemat’ A4-format might be helpful. It contains the pictures of Zanna and Kaj with numbers for the sequence of building. Children can easy tell the story, based on the pictures.

Powerpoint presentation

The story ‘Zanna en Kaj building an organ’ can be told using a powerpoint presentation. You can show it before building the organ if you like. Watch it here online, or download the presentation.

Zanna and Kaj building an organ 


Author Annemieke Dannenberg wrote an awesome story to read: ‘The secret of the organist’. Soon that story will be available here.